The wood, which is the raw material from which all the products are made, is FSC certified and comes from owned forests.
The design department constantly researches and develops materials, solutions and exclusive and advanced finishes, as added value in the relationship with industry professionals such as architects, designers, surveyors and construction companies.
Semi-finished product processing know-how is decades old, drawing on the tradition of one of the productive districts that exported Italian craftsmanship throughout the world.
Equally consolidated is the technical and commercial expertise in the field of corporate management, which boasts important experiences on various international markets to support and attract each customer, from the first consulting activities to the more accurate after-sales service, so that the customer is both a project partner and source of inspiration for new innovations.
With a daily commitment to innovate in total quality, can aspire to the mission mark the world with style trying to ‘impose’ technical knowledge and Made in Italy aesthetics, combining them with the traditions of each international reality.